• Animal friendly
  • Produced on Texel
  • Eco friendly

What's the difference between your wool duvets and those of other suppliers?

There are many differences between the types of wool used by the various providers.
We only use wool from the Texel sheep. They are known all over the world for their flexible and resilient wool, which they thank to our favourable sea climate. 
We only use wool of the 2nd shear. The first shear is wool of the first time a sheep is shaved and it is called 'lambswool'. That name is a bit confusing, because the sheep is no longer a lamb.
We also only use wool of the 'clean parts' of the sheep (back and neck). From the 3rd shear onwards, the wool gets sturdier and therefore becomes less comfortable in a duvet or pillow. 
Furthermore, the differences are in the finishings (zipper instead of buttons, the use of stitched compartments, so that the wool stay in its place etc.) and service (e.g. free shipping and return, next day delivery).

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