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7 tips to sleep cool

7 tips to sleep cool

Warm summer evenings are very nice and romantic, but when you dive into your bed it feels a bit less pleasant. High temperatures prevent us from a natural cooling down and block the release of melatonin, which is necessary to be able to sleep well. In fact, a temperatures too high ensures that your sleep cycle is not working properly: you sleep superficially and wake up tired. Also during summer you want to have a good night's sleep, so here are 7 tips to sleep cool.

1. Prevent your bedroom to warm up

So: close your curtains, your shutters, and everything what can prevent that the warm sun shining in your bedroom. Make sure you do this when you have an attic room, the temperature there rises quickly and this will be needed extra.

2. Lots of water!

Hydrate yourself during the day with at least 8 glasses of water, so that your body temperature can be well controlled by sweating and take a shower before you go to sleep (not too cold, because then your body will compensate that cold by warming up your body ). Dry after showering your skin with a soft cotton towel. Your skin has a lot to endure on hot days. Being extra soft for your skin certainly does not hurt.

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3. Live and sleep in cotton or linen

Cotton and linen are fabrics that breathe and therefore the ideal choice for pajamas and bed linen. These fabrics allow enough fresh air to flow through, so good for a cool sleep! Our 100% cotton duvet covers you can find here. Also check out our Sale.

4. Use a cooling element

Cooling elements do wonders for your body temperature when placed in the right places. When you lay them on your wrists and in your neck, this will give you a cold flow through your body. You can also put a bottle of water in the freezer and use it as a cooling element. Also useful for a cooling sip during the night.

5. Cold and light dinner

Hot meals ensure that your body stays warm for longer. In addition, heavy meals also provide a lot of warmth, through the energy your body consumes when digesting. So eat a salad, cold soup or other light meals. Surprisingly, hot drinks can keep you cool. It may seem strange, but drinking a hot drink causes the receptors in your mouth and throat to send a signal which will make you sweat. This will cool down your body faster. 

6. Use a fan

An obvious tip, but a golden tip. A fan ensures that the warm air is constantly refreshed with cold air and air flow remains. Make sure your fan is running counter-clockwise, then you know for sure that the warm air is taken from above the room during the warm nights.

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7. Sleep under a summer duvet 

Sleep with our Summer Duvet of pure wool from Texel. Wool keeps you cool in those sultry nights: because Wool is heat-regulating, the warmth under a wool duvet is easily disposed to the outside air. Down and synthetic duvets work just as insulating, so the temperature underneath your duvet only increases. Our woolen summer duvet works wonderfully cooling during balmy nights. Also ideal for children.

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