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Men! Get fit sleeping

Slaap je fit mannen!

You're in the gym two to three times a week, you pay attention to your diet but you still don't feel fit. How is that possible? You are forgetting one important element! And that is: sleep. Read about the right balance between sports, food and sleep here. So men, take notes!

Sports, food and... sleep

Working out three times a week? Check! Varied diet? Check! Sleep? uhmj... What?

Men, the quality of your sleep has an enormous effect on how fit you are (and feel). Feel fit, feel comfortable and have a good mood. Unfortunately, sleeping well is not often low on our prio list and that's a shame, especially when you're doing everything to get your exercises and food just right.

Recovery time

Do you sleep poorly? Then you won't the the max from your recovery, your muscle growth, your mood, your energy and metabolism, just to name a few examples. Sleep is the only way to get your body recovered for the next workout, to keep your appetite in check and to feel fit during the day. Therefore, be sure to sleep at least 8 to 9 hours a night. No, there is no work around here.

Sleep well

"No, I really can't sleep before..." Do you hear your self shouting after 23 hours while scrolling through your Netflix favo list? Then it is time to have a second glance at your priorities. Come on, what's more important: staring at lame memes until late, or your health?

If your answer is the latter... Then turn off your monitors (TV, ipad, mobile) well before you go to sleep. Do not drink coffee after noon. And make sure you move enough throughout the day. Those small things make a huge difference.

Besides these little things you can also look at your bed linen. 'Well there's nothing on bed linen in Men's Health!' we hear you say... But you will benefit greatly when sleeping under the right bed linen. The material you sleep in has a direct effect on your quality of sleep. And the quality of your sleep has an effect on how fit you feel. Sleep in combination with sports and nutrition – the key to success. 

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