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Satin or Percale: what's the difference?

Satin or Percale: what's the difference?

What fabric should I choose for my bed linen? Satin and percal are two different types of weaving and one is not better than the other, it's just a matter of personal preference. If you ask us: why choose if you can have both? Nothing like the fresh and crispy feeling of percal in the summer, or the cosy and cuddly feeling of satin in the winter. Curious which one fits you best? We'll try to shed a light.

Percale cotton

Percal has a 'simple' weaving. This means that the horizontal and verticals threads are woven one over the other. This creates a matt appearance and a cool and crispy touch. It is airy, it breathes and it absorbs moisture. This is ideal for in summer or for people that get warm quickly while they sleep. 

Van Morgen bed & bad | Percal katoen en katoensatijn weving naast elkaar

Cotton satin

Satin has a silky touch, which makes it supersoft. The weaving consists of a pattern of one thread on top and three threads below. This makes the fabric to be more dense and therefore is a bit warmer than percal. From one of our client surveys, we learned that many people like the touch of satin, but that they aren't neccesarily charmed by the overdone shimmering. With our supplier in Portugal, we then created the unique 'Van Morgen matt-look', that gives you the ultimate softness with a contemporary look. 


Feel the difference and let us know what fabric makes you wake up smiling!

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