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Size of mattress and size of duvet

Size of mattress and size of duvet

‘What duvet size fits with the size of my mattress?' This is one of the questions most frequently asked to our customer service. And we understand why: with the wide variety of fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and bed spreads, you easily get lost in sizing and measuring. The size of the duvet is determined by the size of the mattress: the trick is to get a duvet that's just a bit wider than your mattress. The pitfall is to buy your duvet in the exact same size as your mattress. You should leave a margin of about 20cm on each side of the mattress. So when your mattress is 200cm wide, your duvet should be about 240cm wide. We'll explain in more detail below.


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Single duvet

You sleep by yourself? A single bed is 70, 80, 90 or 100 cm wide and 200 or 210 cm long. A duvet and duvet cover in the size 140x220 cm is perfect for this. This will also allow you enough length to tug the duvet underneath your mattress for instance.

Intermediate duvet

These come in the width of 120 or 130 cm and length 200 cm. Here you should pick a duvet in the size 200x220 cm. 

Double duvet

A standard 2-persons bed is 140 or 150 cm wide and 200 cm long. In the US, this size is often referred to as 'queen size'. Also here, a duvet in the size 200x220 cm is perfect. If you want to live larger, then choose a bigger duvet in the size 240x220 cm. Also good to mention there's two types of sleepers. Type 1 is the steady sleeper that stays in position, and type 2 will toss and turn all night long. The sleeping partner (or 'victim') of type 2 might want to discuss buying two smaller duvets instead of one large one. If you pick two, you also get to choose your own typ of duvet cover material. Fresh percal cotton or soft cotton satin? You decide for yourself. 

Lits-jumeaux duvet

Literally this means: twin beds. Lits-jumeaux are 160 or 180 cm wide and 200 cm long. A large duvet is nice in this case: 240x220 cm. Or even better: 260x220 cm. Also here you could decide to choose two single duvets.

Special sizes

Of course there's exceptions. There are beds (for the kings out there) that are 200 or 210 cm wide. The best fit will be a duvet of 260x220 cm. 

Also, there are mattresses that are 210 cm long. We have fitted sheets in this size as well. And, our duvets are 220 cm long, which means they're also suitable for mattreses that are 210 cm long.

Below, there's an overview of the sizes we mentioned. Hopefully, we helped you out a bit in the jungle of sizes.

Bed Size of mattress Size of duvet (cover)
Single 70/80/90/100 x 200 140 x 220
Intermediate 120/130 x 200 200 x 220
Double 140/150 x 200 200 x 220 of 240 x 220
Lits-jumeaux  160/180 x 200 240 x 220 of 260 x 220
Special size 200 x 200/210 240 x 220 of 260 x 220


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