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The ideal sleep temperature

De ideale slaaptemperatuur

You've probably experienced summer nights in which you only toss. And turn. And toss. And turn. Sun and warmth during the day is fine (because of vitamin D for instance). But at night, heat often means restless sleep. A bedroom that's too hot can disrupt your biological rhythm and thus affect your mood the next day. Learn how to avoid this.

Body temperature

Your body is designed to regulate your own body temperature during the day. This also regulates the internal clock and your adaptability to the environment. The core temperature of your body reaches it's highest point in the afternoon and starts to cool until late in the evening. This is a preparation that entices your body to go to sleep.

When your body temperature cannot drop (e.g. because your bedroom is too hot) your body stays alert and awake. Consequences? Shallow sleep, waking up more often, short nights and ultimately a lack of energy during the day.

The ideal room temperature

For an optimal night's sleep it is crucial to keep your bedroom cool. The general advice is 17-19 degrees Celcius (62-66 degrees Fahrenheit) with an air humidity of 40-60%. There are a number of scientifically proven health benefits of cool sleep:

    1. Increase in body production of brown fat, which burns calories (sleep yourself slim;)). 
    2. Stimulates the production of melatonin. This not only ensures a good night's sleep but is also the most crucial anti-ageing hormone. When the body becomes cooler while sleeping, increased growth hormone values are also released, which is also a powerful anti-aging hormone. 
    3. The cool environment provides a better and deeper REM sleep.

Tips for a cool bedroom

Van Morgen bed & bath

There are effective ways to lower your body temperature before you go to sleep. Prevent your bedroom from warming up – close the curtains and blinds during the day, only sleep under breathable bedding such as a wool duvet and have a hot shower in the evening. A hot shower? The reason for this is that through the hot shower the blood vessels in your skin open up, allowing the heat to be drained. If you take a cold shower, your blood vessels will constrict. For more useful tips check our 7 tips for cool sleep blog.

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