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Want to sleep better? Sleep under wool.

Want to sleep better? Sleep under wool.

Let’s talk about… wool. No, not the socks in sandals kind of boring wool, but wool from our very own island of Texel. Let us tell you: sheep wool is the ideal bed partner. Read all about the advantages of wool here. 

Sleep quality

Sleeping well is important. Investing in your night is investing in your day. What a shame it is to have a bad night because your duvet feels too soggy or doesn't retain any heat. To avoid that, we really only need to go back to basics. If only there was a product that would keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.. Well, there is!

Wool as a filling for duvets and pillows is making a huge comeback and you could say that wool is back. Back from never leaving perhaps. Wool is a beautiful natural product with the right properties to optimize your sleep. 

Wool is ventilating and absorbent

Wool regulates temperature and moisture: it absorbs moisture easily and 'breathes' it out again. This creates a perfect ventilation that actually happens automatically. If you consider that you lose about 1 liter of water every night, you understand that wool therefore provides more hygiene. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling heavy or damp. The wool fibers 'breathe', by absorbing moisture from the body and releasing it back into the air. The result is that you will never again be too hot or too cold under your duvet... Saves you a lot of broken nights, nightmares and a grumpy mood during the day. Our wool duvets are filled with 100% pure Texel shearwool - check out (https://en.vanmorgen.com/collections/duvets-and-pillows) the 4-season duvet Let Love Wool or the summer duvet Spring Of Summer here.

Wool is self-cleaning and hypoallergenic

By the way, ever heard of lanolin? This is a natural wool grease that sheep create to be self-cleaning, bacteria resistant and dirt repellent. This also means you don't have to worry about dust mites or other dirt. Because of its moisture repellent properties, wool is also resistant to mold. That makes breathing a lot nicer! We received a review from a buyer that her husband no longer snores since he started sleeping on our wool pillow. How nice is that!

Wool is sustainable and animal friendly

Besides a nice warm bed, it's also important to think about the longevity of your product. You probably want to avoid two things: the quick replacement of your duvet due to wear and tear, and certainly the burden on the environment. When you buy a Van Morgen wool duvet, you make a good investment for at least 10, up to 20 years. Laboratory tests have shown that wool fibres are resistant to tearing and can bend back on themselves more than 20 thousand times without breaking: that is why wool lasts so long.

Our wool products are environmentally and animal friendly. This already applies to the production: a sheep produces wool over and over again and it is therefore a natural raw material, which can also be ethically extracted. All our wool is produced locally on Texel, so our products have not travelled unnecessarily long distances to get to your home. The sheep on Texel run free in the meadow and have a good life. In addition, the wool used by Van Morgen only comes from the 'clean parts' of the sheep (i.e. the back and neck). The wool from the first shearing of a sheep is called 'lamb's wool' (To be clear: this only happens when the sheep is fully grown and no longer a lamb!). The wool from the 2nd shearing and beyond is called 'shear wool'. Van Morgen only uses wool from the 2nd shear for our duvets and pillows, so we can always deliver the softest and best quality wool. Moreover, wool is 100% biodegradable and therefore better for the environment than synthetic fabrics.

In conclusion

You may think it's all too good to be true. If it's such a great product on all fronts, why isn't everyone sleeping under it yet? Where's the catch? To be honest, we have no idea either. We haven't been able to find any negative points, except maybe that wool is heavier than down. But even that, many people find it to be an advantage.

Back to basic, for warm feet, sustainability and ethical production: sleep with wool.

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