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About Us

About Us

Better sleep since Van Morgen

I founded Van Morgen because I think everyone deserves waking up well rested, every day. That is not a given and I know all about it. As a father of four young kids, combined with a fulltime job and an overflowing social agenda, my night’s rest was far from optimal. My busy lifestyle couldn’t be altered overnight, so I decided to do some research to find out whether there was a way to improve my quality of sleep, taking into account that abundance in quantity of sleep was merely an illusion.

I had conversations with several sleep experts about the effect of quality of sleep on one’s productivity and health. I came across a somnologist (sleep doctor), who told me that material is crucial. If you sleep underneath breathing material of high quality, you’ll sleep deeper and you’ll wake up better rested. As simple as that.

On my journey to find this quality, I found out another thing: these materials were very expensive. This can be and should be different, I thought. That was the start of my mission: the development of high quality bedding for the best price. And now it’s here, since Van Morgen.

Schelto Witsen Elias

Founder Van Morgen

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