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Care instructions

Van Morgen bed & bad | Verzorging

The art of doing laundry

In general

This is how you can fully and exntensively enjoy the quality of Van Morgen bed and bath products:

  • Avoid using products containing benzoylperoxide, alphahydroxy acids and chloride hydrogen. These elements are often added to products for skin and hair care, hair, make-up, tooth paste and cleaning products.
  • To remove stains, you can better use Oxiclean instead of bleach.
  • Don't use agressive detergents.
  • Don't combine washing ou products with clothes. Zippers, hooks and such can cause ruptures.
  • Wash with like materials and colors.
  • Wash on 40 (max 60) degrees Celcius (104 - 140 Fahrenheit).


Van Morgen bed & bad | Verzorging

Extra Care

Bed linen

  • Always wash inside out
  • Never dry clean
Duvets & pillows
  • Hang the duvet and the pillow outside once in a while to have them breath. Don't hang them in direct sunlight.
  • Dry cleaning is possible, but doesn't have our preference.
Bath mat
  • Dry flat

More care instructions can be found here.

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