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Material is crucial

Material is crucial

By sleeping deeper, you’ll improve your quality of sleep. But how can you get there? Not watching horror movies after 11pm and not texting your mom when you’re in bed are some practical tips. But the real difference is made by sleeping underneath well-breathing bedding. That’s why our duvet covers and pillowcases are made of crispy fresh percal cotton or silky smooth cotton satin, woven in Portugal. Our pillows and duvets are filled with 100% pure wool, from the sheep of the Dutch island of Texel.

What cotton can do you

How can a duvet cover help you to get a better sleep? The trick is in the cotton fibres. The longer the fibre, the finer the weaving. And when, on top of that, the fibres are nice and congruent (not too harsh), you’ve got all the ingredients to create a fabric that covers your body nice and smoothly when you sleep. Our duvet covers are cool, super soft and they keep their quality for a very long time. Here you can see how our cotton bedding and towels are made.

What cotton can do you
Wool in the lead

Wool in the lead

Wool ensures that you’re never too hot or too cold in bed. It is absorbent and at the same time it’s capable of expelling moisture and warmth. If to this you add the fact that it is self-cleaning, you understand why mold and dust mites don’t stand a chance. We think everyone deserves such a healthy sleep environment, especially people that suffer from allergies. That’s why our pillows and duvets are filled with 100% pure wool from the sheep of the Dutch island of Texel.

Fair, sustainable and natural

To us, the definition of a good product is not only the highest possible quality. It also implies that we do business in a fair way, showing respect for the people that we work with and for the world that we live on. And that we cooperate with those who attribute the same importance to these things as we do. Our wool products are environmentally friendly as well as animal friendly and are being produced in a sustainable way. Our wool stays in it’s place nicely, doesn’t need to be refilled and keeps it’s quality over a long period of time. And after that? Our duvets and pillows are fully recyclable, so they’re always given a second life. 

All our cotton bedding and towels are made by our suppliers in Portugal. We started working with them, because they have the experience of producing textiles since the start of the 20th century and because they feel strongly about good working conditions and the conservation of the environment. Also, together, we are working on a fair production of cotton.

The cotton suppliers that we work with are members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This non-profit organization ensures a better cotton production by educating farmers towards becoming sustainable producers. 

All together, with our fair production chain, we make sure that few people have to stay awake at night. Not us, not our suppliers and definitely not you.

Alles bij elkaar zorgen we er ook met onze eerlijke manier van produceren voor dat er zo min mogelijk mensen ‘s nachts wakker hoeven liggen. Wij niet, onze leveranciers niet en jij al helemaal niet.

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